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It might be difficult to talk about celebs with short hair without spending homage to Carrie-Anne Moss, the lethal cool actress who performed Trinity in the Matrix trilogy. Her black leather sleeves look, her large cheek boned deadpan, and her brief, prepared for activity locks, make her as no-nonsense as it produced her womanly

Posh Spice or Victoria Beckham as she’s known these days has made a significant career of her looks and coiffures. Ever because she connected with David Beckham, her Spice Girls era shoulder length visited a pixie-like puffed-up shortcut that goes really nicely with her catwalk prepared trend selections.

But of all of the celebrities with short hair that people’d come to adore over time, perhaps we should hand-out to Demi Moore, on her devil-may-treatment, adorable-as-a-button cropped hair in the 1991 hit Ghost. It was the look that gave her the celebrity status once and for all. Now, what if it could do exactly the same for you?

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