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How Not to Damage Your Hair Wearing Braid Extensions –

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Braid extensions can actually be beneficial to strong hair growth if they are placed in and taken care of correctly. They allow the natural hair to rest from a lot of everyday manipulation that comes with styling, using heat products, combing and brushing. However, if they are not entered in correctly or taken care of correctly, they can actually cause hair damage and extreme breakage. Here are some tips on avoiding hair damage while wearing braid extensions:

1. Do not add extensions to your hair if you added a chemical relaxer in less than 2 weeks- After a chemical relaxer is applied to the hair, the change in the hair structure can leave it vulnerable to dryness and breakage. The extensions call for a certain amount of tension on your own hair. The tension from apply the extensions on fresh chemically relaxed hair can cause extreme breakage, therefore, is not recommended.

2. Have an experienced beautician assess your own hair- Yes you may want to save money if someone you know can personally add the extensions in for you, but an experienced beautician will let you know if your own hair is healthy enough to wear braids. An experience beautician will look for dryness, breakage, severe dandruff, and even head lice. Should the client have any of the latter, the beautician will recommend that they have their condition treated before extensions are added in.

3. Do not have the extensions braided in too tightly- Your own hair will need room to grow through the extensions. If they are placed in too tightly, your own hair has no place to go and when it comes time to take the extensions out, you will have a significant amount of breakage. This is especially true if hair is braided too tightly around the edges or temple areas. This can cause permanent hair loss. If you feel the beautician is breaking too tight along the hair line and temple area, please speak up and let them know.

4. Do not wrap extensions up too tightly with hair fasteners- Some women like to where their extensions in a ponytail. While there is nothing wrong with that, having them fastened up too tightly with a rubber band or other fastener can cause the extensions to stretch on your own hair, thus putting it in a position to be pulled out.

5. Use a leave in conditioner on your extensions- It is very easy for your own hair to become dry when added in with extension. Applying products like hair grease to them can cause build up and make it difficult to take them out. Use a leave in conditioner so that the conditioner will add moisture to your own hair.

6. Do not leave extensions in any longer than 8 weeks- Some women can actually go 3 months with some braided styles, but anything longer than that is not recommended as leaving them in longer than that can cause them to lock with your own hair.

7. Wear a satin scarf while sleeping or sleep on a satin pillowcase- This will prevent dryness and breakage to your own hair.

Yes, braid extensions are considered a “protective” hair style-a style that can protect your own hair from breakage that may come from everyday manipulations of the hair and scalp. If applied in correctly and taken care of correctly, you can avoid hair damage even while wearing braid extensions.

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