How to Braid Your Hair

Which One fits Your Style?

Hairstyles for Long Hair Always Look Fabulous! –

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Hairstyles for long hair look so fabulous and you can create a multitude of different looks from straight and sleek to curly and voluminous. You can braid the hair and wear the braids loose or pinned up into many different styles. Pony tails are very versatile and can be worn sideways to attain that amazing glamorous ‘red carpet night out’ stunning look.
Healthy Long Hair
So important though to ensure you have a good hairdresser and have your hair trimmed and tidied on a regular basis. This helps to get rid of broken ends – which cause that ‘bird’s nest’ look – and promotes that sleek and healthy shine. You should also eat jelly on a regular basis since gelatine does promote the production of keratin in the body leading to strong healthy hair and nails.

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