How to Braid Your Hair

Which One fits Your Style?

Goddess Braids –

Simple Ways on How to Make Goddess Braids.

Looking for a simple and easy way to update your look? If so, then goddess braids will certainly give you that fresh and youthful vibe. What’s more, this type of hairstyle is versatile enough to make it casual or fancy depending on how you want it to look on you.

Stylish Goddess Braids
These braids basically consist of large cornrows, which are twisted up into a big knot or bun. Then, you only need to adorn or surround the bun with much smaller cornrows. You may also style it with larger cornrows that are set in an interesting cornrow pattern.

Kids and adults can wear this hairstyle, although it is much better on people with thicker and fuller hair. Since cornrows can get quite heavy, thin hair is not suitable for this type of braids. It is also better if you are already familiar with cornrows. This way, it will be much easier for you to master and pull off this style.

Braiding Instructions
Goddess braids let you bring out your ultra-feminine self. In fact, you might have seen some TV personalities or celebrities donning these braids and appearing so elegant as a queen. So, give it a shot by styling your hair in these elegant and catchy braids. At first glance, you may think that this hairstyle is too intricate or only doable if you are a pro in braiding. However, looks can be deceiving since it is not that difficult to do at all. Just follow these tips and techniques on how to create these adorable braids.

1. Decide on the style you want.
Initially, you should have an idea of the style you want to do on your hair. By doing so, you can visualize how the overall style will appear after braiding.

2. Divide your hair into sections.
Separate one chunk of hair extension from a bunch, and this will allow you to determine the thickness of the braid. Then, divide this chunk of hair into two sections. Make sure that one section is much thicker than the other (about double the thickness).

3. Make a loop.
Get the thinner section of your hair and make a loop over the thick section. You should be able to create three sections of hair, which must have the same thickness.

4. Start braiding.
Braid your haird back just like how you normally do it with a cornrow. Try to maintain the fullness and size of the braid that you prefer. Then, pull the braided section towards the unbraided parts of your hair and wear it in a ponytail or bun. Use elastics to hold the hair in place.

5. Finish off the look.
When you are done braiding, finish off the style by arranging some loose ends of hair and spray these with light oil or smoothen with some serum for that shiny appeal.

Caring for Your Braids

Generally, these braids are fuss-free to maintain. You can even retain this style and make it look amazing for about a week. All you need to do is to tie a satin scarf around your hair every night. Applying light oil sheen thrice a week also helps maintain the shine and smoothness. If you wish, you may try applying jojoba oil because it is light enough for your hair.

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