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Damaged Hair – Solutions on how to Fix Damaged Hair

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Damaged Hair – Solutions on how to Fix Damaged Hair 

Women have to experience damaged hair at some point in their lives. There are different reasons as to why this happens and in some instances, one may need to seek medical help to sort it out. There are some problems that can be sorted out from home but it is important for one to have a good idea why damaged hair problem occurs. The diet has an effect on hair growth. Lack of vitamin A may end up affecting the way the hair follicles function. This affects the cells on the scalp and this ends up resulting in hair loss. The hair also needs similar nutrients to the ones needed by the body.

Other reasons that may be responsible for damaged hair include the use of strong products as well as poor hygiene. The head needs to be washed on a regular basis so as to prevent the accumulation of dead cells and oil on the scalp. This clears the dandruff off the scalp preventing other unhealthy conditions that may occur on a dirty scalp. When the scalp is dirty, nutrients do not get access to the scalp and at the same time the scalp will not get oiled resulting in dry skin.

A dry scalp gets itchy when it is exposed to the sun rays and this is one problem that affects women who have weaves, braids and extensions. The irritation on the scalp when exposed to the sun rays may lead to the growth of unhealthy hair strands. The best way to prevent this is by avoiding the sun rays through wearing hats. You can also use a moisturizer to keep the scalp moist. You should also be careful when it comes to choosing shampoos because they may end up worsening the situation. There are some people who have sensitive scalps which end up reacting with some hair products. You need to check if the products are considered safe for the scalp if you want to experience minimal damaged hair.

Damaged Hair No More
You need to pick hair products based on their quality as opposed to how much they cost. Cheap may prove to be expensive in the long run because of the damage they may end up causing. Ensure that you use the products as prescribed because high amounts may result in damaged hair. A bad hair style can also end up causing damage to your hair.

There are some people who go for hairstyles which require chemical relaxers or designs such as curly kit which end up damaging hair strands and weak hair follicles. Retouches should be done at least once every three months because the hair will have grown enough to handle the chemicals. Retouches that are done before the three week period may end up resulting in strands which are not evenly colored. Unhealthy strands end up falling off the head because of how weak they are.

Weaves and strands may also cause damaged hair if they are plaited too close to the scalp and too tight. This ends up breaking the strands and may end up causing a receding hairline eventually. At the end of the day, nobody likes having damaged hair and the above information will help them prevent his from happening.

We have got a quick video on home remedies for damaged hair here bellow.

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