How to Braid Your Hair

Which One fits Your Style?

Damaged Hair No More –

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You need to pick hair products based on their quality as opposed to how much they cost. Cheap may prove to be expensive in the long run because of the damage they may end up causing. Ensure that you use the products as prescribed because high amounts may result in damaged hair. A bad hair style can also end up causing damage to your hair.

There are some people who go for hairstyles which require chemical relaxers or designs such as curly kit which end up damaging hair strands and weak hair follicles. Retouches should be done at least once every three months because the hair will have grown enough to handle the chemicals. Retouches that are done before the three week period may end up resulting in strands which are not evenly colored. Unhealthy strands end up falling off the head because of how weak they are. Read more about damaged hair here..

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