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Cute Ways to do your Hair –

Top 3 Cute Ways to do your Hair

Give yourself that attractive and elegant look by applying these cute ways to do your hair. These hairstyles are just what you need when you want to unleash your creative side each time you feel you are stuck in a rut.

Most importantly, it is a no-brainer to do these hairstyles since they are basically easy and simple to do. With a hair tie, a pair of hands, and these doable techniques, you can update your style in a matter of minutes!

Cute Ways to Do Your Hair

Here are some styles worth doing on your hair. Whether you prefer an updo, braids or loose bun, these hairstyles will look amazing on you and suit your personality.

1. Regular Bun

Want an effortless way to style your hair? A regular bun sure is an easy and fuss-free way of looking good in quick and easy way. What’s more, it looks amazing on anyone, and you can wear it even for a fancy event depending on how you style the bun.

Start by tilting your head forward, so you can gather your hair and hold it neatly in one hand. Then, lift your head up and make your grasp a little loose. Tie your hair in a high ponytail, particularly in the center portion of your head. Make it neat by tying tightly or give it a messy appeal by loosening the tie.

The best way to make a neat bun is by holding your hair firmly to the back and wrapping it around the base part of the ponytail. With a hair tie and hair spray, the bun can be kept neat and tight. However, to make the bun appear a bit messy and loose, just grab the ponytail and fold it under. Hold the bun and shake it up and down your head to loosen it gently.

If you want, simply move the bun to one side for a side-swept look. Another option is to just wrap the bun with a pencil or a chopstick just to hold it in place.

2. Ponytail

This style is not like your ordinary ponytail because it has that added twist to make it appear more classy and unique. For an illusion ponytail, all you need is to start by tying your hair in a high ponytail. Then, separate a small portion of your hair and tie the main part of the ponytail with a band.

Next, use the small section of the hair you separated and wrap this around the elastic. You may also use bobby pins or small hairclips to keep the ends secure and neatly placed in the right spot.

3. Hair Roll

Give your hairstyle a retro look by styling your hair in a nice roll. First, divide your hair into two sections, and be sure the thickness is even. Tie one of the sections into a pigtail. Afterwards, gather hair from your forehead and twist it back.

You may hold the twist and keep it away from your scalp before gathering another section of your hair. Add this portion to the first twist and make smaller twists. Repeat this process until all the hair on one side has formed a big twist.

Keep this portion in place with a clip and do the same technique with the other side. Gather both twisted portions of hair and tie into a ponytail with a band.

Try these cute ways to do your hair and never again look simple or dull with your long and beautiful hair.

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