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6 Cool ways to do your hair

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Doing your hair every morning is something extremely important that often gives you headaches because you feel as your inspiration left you. What you don’t know is that you can do your hair easily using only a few hair pins. Here are some suggestions of cool ways to do your hair that will take out of trouble when you think that there’s nothing that can be done with your hair.

Let it free
Let your hair feel free. If you want a more formal look, pick a few strands of hair from the surface and handle them with the comb starting from ends to roots. Warning! Do not overdo it because you risk looking like a singer in the ’80s.

Try some loops
Loops are easily and quickly done, especially if you are in a hurry, but you do want to look elegant. Separate your hair into strands and undulate them with a curling iron. Insist on tips, so that they do not have an unkempt appearance. The amount of time you need to do loops is short, but the effect is guaranteed.

Up-dos are fancy and still one of the cool ways to do your hair
Up-dos can be done simply and do have a classy look. If you wear your hair in an up-do, you won’t have to worry about rebellious hair wires. All you have to do is apply hair mousse to your wet hair and then get together in an up do using hairpins.

Bob haircut 
Bob haircut is not only fashionable but also sexy. Asymmetrically arranged hair is chic and beautiful highlights facial features. Plus, you only need to wash your hair, to dry it and then straighten, focusing on tips. This way you will have your asymmetric aesthetic bob in no time.

Pony tail
One of the cool ways to do your hair may be pony tails may seem boring, but there are ways to make them look cool and fancy. Make a pony tail and use a strand to hide your elastic. Hide the tip of the strand under the pony tail.

Shell bun
Making a shell bun is a very original method of doing your hair. The steps you need to follow to do your shell bun are easy. Wrap the hair over your thumb and backwards to the center. Twist the loop clockwise pulling slightly while allowing the extra hair to slide out. Keep pulling and folding until the tips reach the base of the bun. Finish the twist and pin.

As I was saying, there are numerous cool ways to do your hair that can help you feel good about yourself every day and sometimes it’s a refreshing moment to keep things things simple like a hair style that still keeps you beautiful.

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