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Braids for Black Women – The Most Common Types of Braids

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Braids for black women are probably considered as one of the many common and worn types of hairstyles. Braids give out a type of hair creativity that you cannot see or cannot be mastered by any other cultures. Whether a woman has long or short hair, most of them love braids and this is because plaited hair can bring a neat look without appearing dowdy.

The hair can be styled in a number of various ways regardless if it is relaxed or just natural. Braiding the hair can give out a new look that will definitely last an extremely long time. African Americanbraids for black women can come in several types, so you will not find it hard to choose the right hair braiding style that works best on you.

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Here are some of the many braids for black women that you might want to try out for your own hair:

• Twists – this type is not exactly considered a part of the family of braids for black women because they are being done by intertwining two strands of hair while braids are being done with the use of three strands.. However, both are equally popular to many people and can still be used to come up with styles that are very much similar to the braids for black women ones. Twists are extremely simple to make and they also give out cool look.

• Cornrows – these are probably the most popular types ofbraids for black women. With this type, the hair is being braided very close to the scalp by using an underhand and upward motion in order to come up with a raised row. It can either be done in zigzag or straight patterns. However, this hairstyle can take hours to be done.

• Micro Braids – these braid styles for black women are also known as small English braids. This hairstyle braids three strands of hair and is created with the use of the small sections of the hair. Black women who are living near the sea can be often seen sporting this kind of braids for black women style because it helps in taming hairs that are frizzy. In addition to that, most black women also prefer this type because they can easily manage the hair. If properly cared and maintained, the micro braids can last for many weeks to come.

• Pixie Braids – these are quite similar to the micro braids but the major difference is that the micro braids appear more relaxed compared to the pixie braids. It is for this reason that the pixie braids are being done much tighter and closer to the scalp

.• Invisible Braids – braids for black women hairstyles like these are very thin when looking at it from a distance and they almost look just like ordinary strands of hair. Whether you have long or short hair, rest assured that this type looks attractive on both.

Most types of braids for black women requires a lot of time to make and can be quite painful, so patience is truly needed. Once these styles are done, they will look really cool, will last for quite a long time and can even enhance the look by adding beads or other accessories.

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