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Black Hair Braid Styles – 3 Reasons to Try Them –

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If you are not sure if you are ready to try black hair braid styles, then you have come to the right place. This article will discuss three reasons you may want to explore braid styles.

1. Braids Will Help Your Hair Grow

When your hair is braided with extensions, it will prevent your ends from rubbing against your clothing, therefore protecting them. Protective styles encourage growth. In fact, women who are seeking to grow their African American hair long, would do well to consider researching black hair braid styles. There are a variety of styles and you can have the look of long hair while you are actually growing yours out.

2. Time Savers

Your upkeep in the morning is drastically cut down. You wake up and go. As long as you wrap your hair up at night you will look as great in the evening as when you wake up. No more rolling your hair up at night or revving up the curling iron in the morning. Braids are true time savers.

3. Cut Down on Salon Time

How long does your usual hairdo last? If you are like most black women, you get your hair done either every week or every other week. And even if you do not get your hair done that frequently, you know someone who does and their African American hair is always looking good.

If you explore black hair braid styles, you can cut down your salon visits to once every two months. Now, it can take up to six to eight hours to have your hair braided, but at least this is a one time expense in time and money and you know to set aside the day.

So, if you have never thought about having your African American hair braided, give it some serious thought. It will help your hair grow, save you time getting ready in the morning and save you some dollars since your hairstyle will last two months.

Trecia Gussey recently made the transition from relaxed to natural hair and loves her hair’s texture.

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