How to Braid Your Hair

Which One fits Your Style?

How to braid your hair – Which One fits Your Style?

How to braid your hair – Which One fits Your Style?

Going way back in time, people have used braids to style their hair in so many different ways. If you’re tired of the same old look and you want a hair style that will change your looks or if you may even be bored with the normal hairstyle, you can learn how to braid your hair, which will give you a new look and at the same time maintain that cool appearance. Some of the braids are easy to do and you can do them yourself at home while others can be somewhat painful and will take a lot of time. You can try the following different types of braids which will help you know how to braid your own hair.

Regular Braid
Divide your hair into 3 equal sections. Now grab the right section of the hair, then cross it over the middle section. Take the left section and cross it over the center section, take the right section then cross it over the middle. Continue the steps until the end. Finally, secure the end with a hair tie. 

Want to Know How to Braid your Hair ‘Fishtail Braid’ Style?
Part hair into two equal sections first, now gather a small section from the right side of the head, move the section over the middle and combine it with the left hand strand then grab a section of the hair on the left side then move it to the right side and then combine to the right side. Grab a thin section then combine it to the other side. Repeat steps until there is no more hair to add. If you have layered hair, just do a regular braid at the end. Tie end with a hair band.

English Braid
This is the three strand design which is the simplest and is created by specifically overlapping the strand in a given manner. This type of braid gives you the opportunity to make different styles which are simple hence it is very easy. With this you can create small sections or one long braid with your hair.

How to Braid your Hair the ‘French Braid’ Way.
This particular style is a complex version of the English type of braid which makes it look more interesting than the English one. However this one needs some skills to achieve and is created by braiding the hair within different parts of the scalp. It can be done in different ways, you can simply braid the side parted hair only or you can create small French braids on the sides and then join them to make one huge English braid. Read bellow for instructions on how to braid your hair. Grab a small section of hair where you want the braid to start. At the crown of the head is usually where French braid starts. Divide section into 3 parts then start one round of regular braid. Get a small section of hair that’s on the right. Now add the new section of hair to the existing section and cross it over the middle section. Grab a hair section on the left. Add the hair to the existing section then cross it over the middle. Grab a section then add to the existing section.Then cross it over the middle. Continue the process alternating right and left sections over the middle section. Make sure to tighten each plait as you make it. Secure the end of the braid with a tie.

Read on bellow so we can show you how to braid your hair from the most well-know styles of braids and have fun!

Dutch Braid
This is the inside out French braid and gives a very interesting look. To create these types of braids you will need some extra skills and practice a lot before you can make them. They are better for those people with long hair and they give the appearance of braids close to the head. This style is raised. This is how to braid your hair The ‘Dutch braid’ style.

Heidi Braid
This one looks like a braided headband and there are two ways to create this hairstyle. Either you can braid the French style from one side of the head moving to the other side or you can divide your hair into two parts which are equal. Use this to make pigtails and then wind them around the head and this is what makes the Heidi braid.

These braids are very popular with African-Americans where the hair is braided close to the head. To create this you need to use the underhand upward motion which makes a raised row. This type of braiding is very popular with sporting personalities and it can be done in either a zigzag or any other pattern according to what you prefer. You will need a lot of time for this complex style along with some skills will also be needed if you want to know how to braid your hair the cornrow style.

Partial cornrows
This is a type of the cornrows where part of the hair is left open while the other part is done in cornrows. The part of the hair which is not created into cornrows can be braided into twists or just left open.

These brief descriptions on different styles will give you a better idea of what to look for in different braids that there is out there. You can change the way your hair looks for the better by simply learning how to braid your hair yourself.

The type of braid that you decide to go for should be determined by the shape of your head and your hair type. You can also get an advice from the professionals in this field. But if you decide to go solo and dedicate time to learn how to braid your hair, go for it!

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